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For my newest #read78 #poetry book I practically inhaled Elana Bell’s Eyes, Stones. A gorgeous, jarring collection examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the idea of home as a sacred and necessary and historical space for everyone. An important and beautiful read. #books

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For this week’s #read78 #poetry book I read Sharon Old’s Stag’s Leap. An eloquent telling of the slow painful rip of divorce. I was shocked by how many small hurts she could weave together into a stunning collection that really dives into the long long aftermath of that kind of heartbreak. Also, you know, UGH YOU GUYS. UGH. #books #sharonolds
Last week I also finished John Darnielle’s novel Wolf in White Van. The story pulled me in first because of the unique structure, and slowly I became stunned at how much sympathy I felt for a character I didn’t appear to have anything in common with. I think I missed out on a small layer of this book’s magic by not knowing much about Conan the barbarian (read and you’ll understand) but I still highly recommend the story. #read78 #fiction #books #johndarnielle
Last week, my #read78 #poetry book was Bianca Stone’s Someone Else’s Wedding Vows. I really enjoyed how Stone was able to pull the poetry out of seemingly simple moments, the times you wouldn’t think would become memories. “Practicing Vigilance” was my favorite piece. #books
(Again, super behind on posting but not on reading!) A couple weeks ago for my #read78 #poetry book I devoured @derrickbrownpoetry’s Our Poison Horse. It was an incredible collection that jumped from humor to sadness to joy flawlessly, without leaving me startled or lost. And by the end I felt comforted to know I wasn’t alone in feeling unsure of myself and my place in the world and that I could find humor and love and joy in that inbetween feeling. Which is really all just to say go read this one now, or my dog will chew you to pieces. #writebloody #derrickbrown #books
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My latest #read78 novel was Haruki Murakami’s newest book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. It isn’t my favorite Murakami, but I still think it was another winner. Gorgeous description and fantastic and flawed characters. Definitely give this one a go, #murakami #books #fiction