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#tbt that time I dangled my feet off the edge of the world with @askimokyss #norway
My latest #read78 fiction book was Michael Cunningham’s “The Hours.” Having recently read “Mrs. Dalloway,” at first I was afraid the book would feel too heavy-handed. But by the second chapter I was hooked. A gorgeous, haunting piece of art. #books #thehours
For this weeks #read78 book I read Joanna Hoffman’s “Running for Trap Doors.” I loved the way Hoffman could seemingly effortlessly give a voice to the nagging uncertainty you feel when you’re not quite sure what you’re doing with your life. Also “High School Electives” was my pre-queer life. Go read it now! #poetry #books #siblingrivalry #queer
Tonight I’m gonna barber like it’s 1949.
This week’s #read78 book was Hieu Minh Nguyen’s “This Way to The Sugar.” This book was filled with delicious nuggets of hurt and incredibly crafted poems. I loved it so much I feel almost angry about it. Go read it now. #books #poetry #writebloody
Don’t plant your first chapbook at the Poets House if you don’t want to find it 6 years later… #PONYcamp #cricketfuel
Plotting the dog’s demise. #meow #biscuit #overyourshenanigans
Look at this asshole. #woof #cujolannister

“And honestly, sometimes the only inspiration I have going for me is that I love writing, and so I am going to sit down and write something goddammit! even if it’s the worst garbage I’ve ever seen. And the funny thing is, that’s usually enough to start from. Eventually something good unfolds itself from all that trash.”

—   Miles Walser, interviewed by Hanif Abdurraqib for 30 in 30(0)

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And finally, this week’s poetry book. I haven’t read many books of poetry that existed entirely in a fictional world, so Traci Brimhall’s Our Lady of the Ruins was difficult to get into at first, but I really enjoyed watching the world unfold, and when I was finally submerged I was able to deeply feel the heartbreak and loss and tragedy described in many of the poems. #read78 #books #poetry